Tantra offers a unique perspective to celebrate who you really are, and to allow old patterns, thought forms and behaviours to be released. In the process, new opportunities to live in a state of ecstatic awareness and celebration are created.

Francesca offers private sessions which support an individual or couples to focus on their ecstatic potential, rather than on any 'problems' they may be experiencing.

Based on your intention, and any issues you may be facing, she will design sessions to support you to move through difficult situations, relationship issues, abuse and other personal matters as well as lingering historical issues from previous relationships or childhood.


Investment: PRIVATE SESSIONS are $125.00 per hour.

A reduced fee is offered for a series of sessions.


Personal Coaching is available in YOUR HOME, for couples wishing to explore MULTI-ORGASMIC RESPONSE together. This is a tremendously ecstatic & healing process, and is sure to deepen your connection and pleasure with each other.

Learn the art of whole body orgasm, multiple orgasms for men & women, and male orgasm without ejaculation. Learn to take your energetic experience into your daily life!

This is a wonderful process for any couple, from those who feel very happy with their sexuality, and simply would like to take their experience to another level, to couples who feel that something is missing in their sexual experience together. This process supports and invites a more ecstatic experience without the idea that 'something is wrong or needs to be fixed'. It is an exploration of another level of sexual possibility together. The Multi-Orgasmic Response process is great for heterosexual and same sex couples.

These sessions take place in the privacy of your own home, and coaching is provided while you actually explore the processes with each other. Francesca has had training to work with couples in this very intimate and sensitive setting and offers a delicate presence which supports your intimacy without disturbing your energetic connection. The processes and intimate connections are between the couple only; Francesca is present as a supportive, non-intrusive coach only, not as a participant.

Investment: $600.00 includes minimum of 6 hours of coaching.


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