Francesca is a warm, welcoming and very loving being. She loves to laugh and tries not to take herself or anything too seriously. She is passionate about helping others 'wake-up' to the truth of who you really are; already whole & already free. Francesca delights in guiding you to tap in to your sexual energy to be ecstatic in every aspect of daily life. She views all experiences, no matter how ordinary, as an opportunity for spiritual awakening.

Francesca has a unique and beautiful style for sharing her passion for life with others. Using gentleness, humour and openness, she will encourage you to softly explore your potential and allow a greater experience of yourself and your relationships.

Francesca has embraced TANTRA as a rich and fulfilling path for exploring life and its many mysteries, and delights in the constant discoveries that are revealed through Tantric practices.

Her curiosity and passion for life are explored through daily practical application of Tantric processes which invite openings to new levels of self awareness and expression.

Francesca completed formal Tantra Facilitation training with Margot Anand, world renowned author and Tantra expert and has also studied with many other wonderful teachers all over the world, exploring Consciousness and Ecstatic Living. She has completed extensive training in Dynamic Living as well as Counselling, Reiki, Hypnosis, Relaxation Therapy and Meditation.

For information about Workshops, Speaking Engagements
 and Coaching, contact Francesca.

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