Hummingbird Studios
Original Music for Film & Video
Broadcast Audio compilation
CD projects, Song Demos
Krishna Gauci
Assists people worldwide in their quest to know themselves and live in the truth of their own experience."In both our profound freedom and profound limitation we are the Totality of Being and no part of us can be left behind."
Quantum Leaps Retreat Centre, Golden BC
Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats offers personal growth work/playshops, spiritual retreats and offers the space for in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. This British Columbia retreat center is peaceful, beautiful, and unique. Come and discover the growth and evolution of yourself in a profound setting on sacred land .
Sammasati Seminars
Offers a variety of awareness and personal growth workshops and private counselling sessions. Emphasis is placed on using the time both in and out of sessions to experiment with living in a heightened state of awareness, as well as learning to have more fun and excitement in life.
Sig Taylor - Personal coach
Sig Taylor is a sought after international speaker and relationship coach with over 20 years experience. Using humour, professional and personal insight, Sig’s dynamic presentations inspire audiences to discover the keys to building successful relationships and leading successful lives.
Tyrrell Clarke - Artist & Clairvoyant
"I see things not as they are but as I am. This is the foundation and point of departure for all my work.
In my work as a clairvoyant, I am privileged to see life from a unique perspective and I incorporate these experiences into my art."

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