An Introductory Tantra session for couples - voice guided instructional CD accompanied by beautiful music.

The ancient art of TANTRA is a practice of self-awareness using sexual and creative energy to achieve and maintain joyous, ecstatic states.

While there is a mystical component, the practical aspects of TANTRA are down to earth, accessible and life changing for anyone, regardless of your spiritual perspective.


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Relaxing to listen to this CD moves from a folk/classical sound into ambient themes, latin flavours and back to quiet fingerstyle compositions. Great easy listening music.

is the talented duo of Bill Wilton and Carey Parder. Mirage is their 3rd album, but their first all original work. Features hand made classical guitars created by Alfred Hosokawa (Vancouver Island, BC - Canada).

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Freshly improvised and relaxing to listen to, this CD provides a warm blend of light classical & jazz guitar. It's Latin flavour fits most any mood.

is the duo of Bill Wilton and Carey Parder.

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