The Art of Tantra for Couples

Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means, 'to weave'. Through the practice of Tantra, you will learn to weave together all your various and often contradictory aspects; feminine & masculine, light & dark, brave & fearful, spirit & body, into a unified whole. As you become unified within yourself, you will start to experience union with all things in existence.

The manner of learning to experience union within yourself and in relationship with others is to connect with your sexual energy as basic life-force energy, and use it as a tool to consciously create intimacy. Intimacy with yourself is the first pre-requisite for being available for intimacy with another.

The sexual aspect of Tantra is to learn to consciously channel your sexual energy & orgasmic experience throughout your entire body, as well as exchange it between your own & your partnerís body. The process of doing this increases your sexual awareness and intensifies your sexual energy. As a result you become very alive, vibrant, and ecstatic. Tantra is not simply about having bigger and better orgasms; it is about being more orgasmic in our daily lives.

The techniques used in Tantric practice, invite an experience of deeper connection with your own spirit, with your partner, and all others with whom you relate on many different levels. You become more open, more honest & more available for true communication. You will find that you are far less vulnerable to feelings of loss and abandonment, because you learn to stay present with your own experience and listen as your higher self guides you.

The practice of Tantra will help you create more passion, fun & creativity in your life & relationships! You will learn to express your sexuality in a fuller more satisfying & exciting way!

You will deepen your sense of self acceptance and learn to connect more meaningfully with your partner & others!

The practice of Tantra is an exciting, fun way to explore greater intimacy, transform relationships and discover your maximum potential!

Taught in a fun, safe and supportive environment without nudity or sexual contact, Francesca's workshops are small, intimate gatherings of people coming together with sincere intention to learn more about the ecstatic, spiritual beings we are.

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