Comments about Francesca

*Excellent facilitator, your warmth & naturalness is beautiful

*Superb, enchanting, joyful, loving and patient

*Fabulous, very enthusiastic, no inhibitions, she has a great ability to improvise

*Very open, energetic with the ability to create a level of comfort and trust

*I truly enjoyed Francesca’s soft yet energetic presence and her ability to allow each person to express their energy, thoughts and emotions as needed. She created a safe space for us all to enjoy & explore.

*I would think it’s not that easy to lead a group on Tantric Sex with delicate, caring compassion, insight & knowledge. You gave us all that & more.

*Awesome! Warm, attentive, fun and very informative

*Wow-Thank you Thank you Francesca! You are absolutely amazing and I appreciate your ability, your facilitating skills and the vast knowledge you share

*Very intuitive, open & direct

*Outstanding, warm, wise, encouraging and a great dancer!

*Francesca, you are fabulous, loving, compassionate and generous

*Fantastic! Very loving, accepting and respectful.

* Francesca is a strong, gentle and very intuitive group leader who can tune into the individual and group energy & adjust the workshop to suit while maintaining her focus on the workshop experience.

*Francesca you are amazing. I have taken dozens of courses and never experienced magic like you make happen.

*I love how you make people feel comfortable. Thank you so much again Francesca for being who you are. I'll never get enough of your beauty and your softness.

*Excellent, knowledgeable, Francesca creates a warm, loving and safe environment.

*Capable of handling all challenges, very compassionate. She is very focused and has an obvious love for the course material.

*Francesca’s sensitivity and empathy was outstanding.

*Francesca’s intuitive insight goes ever so gently to open and penetrate the depth of my own knowing. She has a warmth and acceptance which allows my own truth to surface.

*Francesca holds a space of nurturance and beauty balanced with focus and clear boundaries that is rare in our society. I highly recommend Francesca's workshops to anyone interested in personal growth. 

The Art of Tantra for Couples

This workshop opened up new levels of communication for us. There will be greater closeness & understanding between my partner & myself that will speak volumes without a word being said. B.T.

My beloved has found a way to share his inner love & desire for me. I loved learning new ways to please my partner. C.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who like myself knew little about Tantric theory. If you want to get more in touch with yourself and your partner, try taking this workshop. You will be surprised. It’s not so much about sex as it is about awareness, energy & connection. F.P.

This workshop brought us new openness, awareness and took our sexual experiences to a new level. I would recommend this workshop for couples to open up their communication and create a new level of life as a connected couple reaching new depths. D.B.

This workshop is life altering. R.F.

I would absolutely recommend this workshop. It gave us some of the necessary tools to improve our sexual relationship J.S.

I feel that I have opened the door to actually experience & enjoy my own sexuality for the first time. I would absolutely recommend this course C.S.

This experience allowed me to get back in touch with my inner creativity and to give myself permission to bring it to the surface so that I could enjoy this energy & express myself more fully with myself & my partner. K.R.

The experience of the group helped bring me more into my sexual energy which has been feeling blocked. This will help me focus more on myself and my husband. It has brought us closer & more connected & we have more understanding of each other, and each other’s needs & desires. It has helped me lose inhibitions. I would highly recommend this workshop to any couple. H.L.

This workshop is a safe place to learn new skills, and let go of old ‘stuff’ in the relationship. B.D.

I was very comfortable in the group & able to open up more with my husband. I feel closer & more able to ask things of my partner, & be more open with my feelings. S.T.

This is a fun way to improve your relationship, increase your sexual repertoire, and communication. B.L.

Shakti Workshop

The workshop was an awesome place to let everything go. To heal, share, love and be myself. J.L.

I know this workshop will improve all my relationships, but mostly my relationship with myself. I know the effects will be with me for the rest of my life. T.P.

This changed my whole belief system for the better. I’m telling everyone I know, anyone can benefit! J.R.

I recommend this workshop to any woman. C.S.

This group has allowed me to let go of my old patterns and become much more actively loving. L.M.

This will make my relationship more juicy, more authentic and passionate. B.F.

It was wonderful to sit in awe of everyone’s transformation. I will be more open and able to give myself permission to be more authentic and live in my power. R.L.

This has given me more insight into my past and has opened me up. It has allowed me to experience a new level of emotional intimacy C.M.

Sex for Life

I learned the importance and the rewards of being fully present. My relationships will be more dynamic and rich by being total and having that available to others. I would highly recommend this workshop to others. It’s a wonderful way to make connection to your passionate self and your natural source of power and energy. S.W.

I would recommend this workshop to everyone. I think anyone who wants to feel fully alive, fully human will find it in this workshop. B.M.

This course has given me a new awareness on living life with passion. I have a clearer picture of how I want to live my life and the quality of relationships I want for myself. R.S.

I now understand how easy it is and how little effort it takes to live a fuller, more interesting life. The opportunities to do this are everywhere. I would recommend this workshop to anybody that wants to get more out of life. L.M.

This workshop allowed me to discover the beauty of myself in a safe and loving environment. It felt to be an adult’s playground at times, the way it is as a child, in the moment, uncovering and discovering a new way to be. B.C.

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